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The SoulWorks® team

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Below you will find further information about the competent people who have designed the future results based leadership style - Soul Leadership® and who provide training, facilitating services and coaching on internal leadership programmes and on the certified Soul Leader® programme.

About SoulWorks®

We have nearly 20 years of experience in designing and implementing business-integrated leadership development programmes relating to the goals, dreams and visions of the individual organisations. Through our courses and programmes, you will meet national and international leadership experts and experienced process consultants, futurologists, professors and other motivators.

Why collaborate with SoulWorks®

With our many years of experience, we know that actual change and value creation are results of insights and inspiration coming from inside. Using Soul Leadership® as a tool to deliver markedly improved results, we provide leadership solutions to many managements and management teams. Contact us to learn how based on collaboration we can help enhance your leadership skills, increase your consciousness and consequently your ability to produce results.

What to expect from us:

  • We are interested rather than interesting, in other words focus is on you and your inherent potential!
  • We add to your existing workable system and help you reinforce it so that non-workable elements will dissolve as your inherent potential is realized;
  • We are also aware that the thinking having fostered the challenges of today cannot help us overcome those challenges. Today, it is required that we take a quantum leap towards raising the consciousness levels of leaders. Purpose-driven leadership, authenticity and soulful presence have become crucial factors;
  • We carefully identify your very best qualities and the higher meaning of your life as human beings, leaders and organisations;

At the same time, we are sufficiently clever to identify what is needed, and we are also courageous enough to tell you – not as a truth, but rather as an invitation to go to new consciousness levels and new paths.

We are neither completely committed to only one way of developing leaders and organisations, nor do we believe successful leadership is a result of different forms of acquired leadership styles. We believe successful leadership is a result of leaders becoming conscious of their identities as authentic, reliable, clear-sighted, courageous leaders who are true to their leadership purpose. This means your organization will follow you as leaders, leading to significantly improved results.

Bettina Clement

Founder & CEO SoulWorks. Bettina Clement is an expert in purpose-driven and high consciousness leadership and strategic change processes. Over the past twenty years, she has designed and implemented major internal leadership development programmes for a large number of major companies in Denmark and abroad. Through this she has helped many CEOs and boards of directors and organisations enhance their performance significantly. More than 1,000 leaders and HR professionals have benefitted from her open, certified leadership programmes.

Bettina Clement has a degree in Economics and has achieved the highest degree in coaching from the International Coach Federation. She is widely recognised for her ability to inspire and constructively challenge individuals and teams to bring out the best qualities and skills in them, and for her innovative thinking in the new leadership paradigm. As early as twenty years ago, Bettina introduced executive coaching in Denmark and was therefore leading in the field of leadership development. With Soul Leadership®, she now challenges leaders in taking the next step in their development and their ability to create excellent results. She implements along with her team several business-oriented leadership development programmes with the new paradigm of leadership - Soul Leadership - in several large Danish and international companies. She is a recognized Executive Coach, Speaker and lecturer in Danmark and abroad.


Lisa Ferbing

Chairman of Djøf;. Executive & Leadership Coach and teacher at SoulWorks®. Lisa has a degree in law supplemented by management training. She is also a certified Executive Coach (Member of ICF). She has experience in Danish and international board services. She works as a Management Consultant and a professional board member.

Hanne Lindblad

Executive and Leadership Coach, Inspirator and teacher at SoulWorks. She is one of today's visionary leaders who actually have outlived the new leadership paradigm. The last 5 years she has served as CEO of the mobile company Call me, which is one of Denmark's best examples of a modern purpose-driven company with their normative campaign ”Speak properly” which has been acknowledged and admired in Denmark and abroad.

During her job as the CEO, she has worked as a lecturer, motivator and thoughtleader within Conscious capitalism, purpose-driven leadership and trust as a growth driver. She was trained Cand.negot and has since taken the IAA, trained to be a Coach and taken to the Blue Ocean Institute at Insead

Pernille Jackson

Pernille is an Executive & Leadership Coach, process facilitator and teacher working at SoulWorks®. She is an experienced management consultant and transformation coach. During the past five years, she has worked as the HR Manager of a market-leading IT company.

Pernille is an MBA student at the University of Bath and has a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration. In addition, she is an internationally certified Kundalini Yoga and Mindfulness instructor. She is highly appreciated for her ability to challenge leaders’ line of vision and innovative thinking with a view to producing conscious and inspiring actions.

Bo Heimann

Consultant, facilitator and Coach at SoulWorks. Bo holds an MA in Leadership- &  Organisational Psychology, a BA in journalism and supplementary training in psychotherapy and systemic process consultation. He has studied buddhism since 1998 and therefore has vast knowledge of buddhist philosophy and meditation/Mindfulness. Bo is the author of a number of books on consciousness, for example 'Nærværets Kraft' (the power of being present) and 'Teori U - Kritik og perspektiver´ (theory U - criticism and perspectives) (both published by Gyldendal Business).

Henrik Holt Larsen

Professor, dr.merc., Econ. and psych., is one of the leading experts in HRM, human resource management, leadership and management. He has conducted research at CBS and has published more than 30 books and 175 Danish and foreign articles on HRM. Henrik is a developer on the Soul Leader® Certificate Programme and a co-designer of the  Soul Leader® certification.

Jens Moberg

Partner and owner of Leadership Institute Denmark. He has previously worked as VP of Microsoft and CEO of Better Place Denmark, and for several years he has managed to make significant inroads into Danish industry. He is known for his visionary ideas on and personal approach to leadership ministry. The title of his latest book is 'Timely care'. He currently sits on the board of among others Grundfos A/S and PostNord AB

Christian Have

Creative director at Have Communications which he founded in 1983. He is also the owner of his own consulting firm, working as counselor offering advice to individuals especially in the creative and cultural worlds. Christian Have is an occupied speaker and active participant in public debates. He has also written several books on communication, audience behavior and culture.

Anne Skaare Nielsen

Futurist, author and partner at Future Navigator. She has a degree in Biology and Political Science. She works to bring organisations from idea to success and travels around the world as a lecturer and provocateur. She sits on numerous boards and advisory boards. She has previously been a member of the Ethics Council and Ministerial ICT Forum.

Liselotte Mosbæk

Recognised MSc in Psychology with more than 20 years of experience in developing teams and organisations. Through her work at the faculty, she has spent several years working intensively on, among other things, Otto Scharmer's groundbreaking Theory U, which she is capable of presenting in a clear and useful way so in practice participants enhance their ability to lead innovation and transformation processes.

Genpo Roshi (Big Mind)

Zenmaster Hawaii, Genpo has studied and practiced Buddhism since 1972. He is the founder and former abbot of Kanzeon Zen Center and has developed the Big Mind process combining Buddhist insights with Western psychoanalytic ideas. He has organised Big Mind retreats and events nationally and internationally. He is the author of several books on Buddhism and Big Mind Process.

Emilia Van Hauen

Emilia has an MSc in Sociology from Copenhagen University, a Diploma in Business Administration and an IAA Digital Diploma. She works as a trend consultant, lecturer and is one of the most cited sociologists. She specialises in modern lifestyles and trends in society. She is the author of four books, of which the most recent is the bestseller "Goodbye Egofest".

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