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Business integrated leadership development

We will organize programmes in collaboration with you to ensure that the theories, methods and focus areas selected meet the requirements of your organisation. We will, for example, focus on strengthening leadership skills, improving collaboration and communication, enhancing efficiency, raising consciousness and improving abilities to deliver excellence. We measure the outcome of our collaboration on the basis of ROI and Impact measurements developed in cooperation with Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

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In collaboration with international leadership experts and researchers, SoulWorks® has developed ROI methods that can measure the monetary value of your investment in internal leadership development and coaching programmes and other processes.

Find out how we can measure the impact and the monetary value of leadership in your organisation.


We combine personal leadership and the performance of the individual organisation by strengthening leaders’ personal leadership styles to help them to quickly contribute to the relevant organisation’s performance, to create sustainable and innovative solutions, to make the right decisions and to implement and execute them in the best possible way.

We provide coaching to leaders to help them identify and strengthen their personal leadership styles and abilities to produce quick results, including to find their leadership purposes, unique leadership footprints to make everything come together and produce results from the inside and out. Our coaching programmes can be either one-to-one and/or Skype sessions.



This is an intensive programme of a duration of four months targeting managers/leaders and HR professionals. It aims to enhance the ability of the participant to become an inspiring role model whose leadership style is based on strong consciousness resulting in excellent performance.


It is based on a modular system consisting of personal coaching sessions taught by a professional SoulWorks® coach, personal leadership tasks, etc. and is concluded by a certification process designed in collaboration with Copenhagen Business School (CBS).


Our first open Soul Leader classes in spring of 2014 quickly filled with 32 managers and HR professionals. So did several of our internal leadership programmes and executive Soul Leadership courses. Soul Leadership is a programme that inspires participants to take action. It provides new knowledge, wisdom and specific practice methods on how to design an inner compass, enabling participants to enhance their personal leadership and execution skills and consciousness levels based on a clear understanding of their leadership purpose. We encourage participants to reflect on their leadership and their personal lives to be able to identify what specifically they want to contribute and what they wish to be remembered for.


Participants will:


  • Define their leadership purposes and values and gain inspiring visions for themselves and their work as leaders while focusing on ROI;
  • Be able to motivate their employees to grow their passions, that way encouraging them to do their best;
  • Develop their abilities to take a central role as authentic leaders and as persons representing integrity and depth;
  • Work on their presence and strengthen their abilities to remain calm, clear-sighted and communicative as leaders;
  • Gain an understanding of and receive training in the essential qualities of a Soul Leader;
  • Acquire freedom and flexibility of thinking and behaviour, in other words “Moments of Choice”.


We take an eclectic approach to our work since it is based on neither theory nor practice, but involves various theories on leadership, quantum physics, the most recent research conducted by international management experts and business schools, meditation in a management context, emotional and spiritual intelligence, native wisdom, the 7 Consciousness Levels, Theory U, management, psychology and philosophy based on theories of both the Eastern and Western world translated into management contexts, etc. Towards the end of the programme, there will be a written exam which participants must pass to be able to obtain the Soul Leader ® certification. Examiners include a CBS Professor, external business psychologists and SoulWorks® consultants.


Your all-inclusive payment of DKK 38.000,00 excl. VAT includes all-day training sessions, certification, all individual one2one coaching sessions, feedback on assignments, and audio guides.


We have an early bird rate of DKK 34.000,00 excl. VAT if payment is made upon registration and more than two months before the Module 1 commencement date.


We also have an Expedia Special Rate which applies at the enrolment of more than three participants and management groups. For more information, contact us using


Leaders and HR professionals having achieved the Soul Leader® certification may proceed to the Masters programme which focuses on mastering a particularly high level of consciousness.

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For ambitious management teams, departments and other teams in need of guidance and inspiration from an experienced Team Facilitator and Coach in, for example, purpose and value definition or challenges pertaining to collaboration and communication. If required, we will use ROI measurements to monitor the monetary value of the processes and compare the results thereof to your bottom-line.


The challenges of these years call for a redefinition and extension of the basic understanding of management and leadership responsibilities.

  • Why did Grundfoss abandon having a vision?
  • Why are sustainability and resilience keywords in leadership contexts?
  • How does purpose-driven leadership contribute significantly to producing results?
  • SoulWorks can help bring you to the forefront of leadership in the new paradigm.

It is time that we take a close look at “why we do what we do” instead of focusing on “what we do as leaders” and “how we do it”. At SoulWorks, we prepare lecture and conference papers that reflect your specific needs and requirements and target the audience relevant for you.

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In addition to the above programmes, SoulWorks® offers internal leadership development and team processes courses taught abroad for shorter or longer periods of time, i.e. from five to 12 days. On these courses, we provide detailed information to help you strengthen your leadership and produce excellent results. Contact us for further information.


The annual staff appraisal interviews, staff development and organisational growth are inseparable elements. These interviews are therefore considered important strategic leadership tools.

Staff appraisal interviews should not be conducted once or twice per year, but should be a coherent ongoing all-year process, with the individual leader constantly keeping in mind that staff development, i.e. strengthening the passion and performance of the individual employee, is an important leadership tool adding value to the organisation. It could even be argued that any interaction with employees is a staff appraisal situation.

Knowing the art of combining the strengths and passions of the employees with the objectives and purposes of the organization and thus bringing about a common goal is a special leadership skill; a skill crucial to producing excellent results.

Several major Danish companies have chosen to take an innovative approach to appraisal interviews and have implemented a SoulWorks® concept for this purpose. This concept has greatly benefitted the individual members and has had a positive impact on the bottom line of the relevant organization. To come to this conclusion, we have applied our own ROI measurements, an important performance-enhancing tool.


Innovating the way we establish customer relations with a view to maximizing sales forms part of the new paradigm.

We no longer make use of manipulation, force or persuasion in our customer relations. Such methods belong to the old paradigm. Today, customers are looking to build sincere relations in sales transactions. Based on this knowledge, we train your sales force to become sincere, whole-hearted and to build customer relations that are based on reliability and trustworthiness.

We also train your sales force in how to achieve results on the basis of the new paradigm. As coaches and teachers, we are very much aware of the importance of synergy between the members of your sales force. Uniform thinking is important for them to increase their job satisfaction and thus create excellent results.

Corporate Mindfulness

SoulWorks®’ Mindfulness Programmes are designed for busy people with little time to spare and strong ambitions.

Our courses are based on reliable sources and scientific evidence proving the positive effects of mindfulness on health, relationships and effectiveness. They include theories and techniques on how to deal with meetings, emails, planning, diet, communication, etc.

SoulWorks® considers mindfulness a way of being present in the world.