Soul Leadership

Soul Leadership®


Leadership producing results!

It is now time that the basic understanding of the leadership role be revised and innovated. The leadership style of previous generations where top management dictated the actions to be taken at lower levels of the organisation is now inadequate. The basic thinking that has fostered the challenges of today can no longer help us overcome those challenges, and a new leadership approach is therefore called for.

People are not prone to following plans and strategies, but rather authentic, inspiring, holistic and purpose-driven leaders in touch with their soul.

Soul is a metaphor for our most powerful consciousness that enables us to act, be authentic and to know our deepest leadership purpose while focusing on the greater good – a must to be able to deliver excellent results that make sense in the world we live in.

Soul Leadership – a results-producing programme. If as leaders we want to improve results significantly in the world we live in, we must transcend and go beyond current thinking and understanding of results-producing leadership.

Successful leaders of today are authentic, courageous and dedicated individuals who are also role models. They look to help and inspire their staff to develop and grow and see it as one of their most important tasks as leaders. In the new paradigm, developing passionate communities with a common purpose that makes sense, creates trust and dedication internally as well as externally simply provides justification for the existence of leadership.

Soul Leadership – at a glance: Some of the key qualities of a Soul Leader are:

To be authentic, ambitious, courageous, confident, conscious, honest, resilient, caring and leading based on a deeper focus while focusing on integrity and wholeness.

From “performance” to “purpose”

From “more” to “better”

From “making things right” to “doing the right thing”

From “ego” to “eco”

From “I” to “we”

From “Omniscient” (all-knowing) to “Intelligent not-knowing”

From “separate individual” to “co-creation”

All in all, these qualities are prerequisites for creating excellent results in the new paradigm of our time.

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