SoulWorks Team

Soulworks® Team


We have more than 20 years of experience in designing and implementing business-integrated leadership development programs relating to the goals, dreams and visions of individual organizations. Through our courses and programs, you will meet national and international leadership experts and experienced process consultants, futurologists, professors and other motivators.

The dream team

Below you will find further information about the competent people who have designed the future results based leadership style - Soul Leadership® and who provide training, facilitating services and coaching on internal leadership programmes and on the certified Soul Leader® program.

Sophia Clement


Founder of SoulWorks.

Sophia Clement is an expert in purpose-driven and high consciousness leadership and strategic change processes. Over the past twenty years, she has designed and implemented major internal leadership development programmes for a large number of major companies in Denmark and abroad. Through this she has helped many CEOs and boards of directors and organizations enhance their performance significantly. More than 1,000 leaders and HR professionals have benefitted from her open, certified leadership programmes.


She is widely recognised for her ability to inspire and constructively challenge individuals and teams to bring out the best qualities and skills in them, and for her innovative thinking in the new leadership paradigm. She is a recognized Executive Coach, Speaker and lecturer in Denmark and abroad.


Mogens Maltby


Executive Coach og Senior Consultant, SoulWorks.

Mogens has worked for more than 20 years with development of specialists and leaders in KMPG, Danish Oil & Natural Gas, NNE (pharmaceutical engineering) and Novo Nordisk, where he was also Senior HR Partner to two EVPs. He is experienced from the real business world. He has lived and worked in Kuwait, the Philippines, Colombia, Cameroun, Malaysia and has managed projects in numerous other countries as finance manager, Danida advisor and management consultant.


Mogens has designed and delivered development programmes for thousands of leaders at all levels in Denmark and abroad. Mogens is enthusiastic about helping leaders realise, what really works and to see them become effective, safe and confident in their leadership.  Mogens is an executive coach and    that empathy is the strongest leadership tool.  He has a “can do” attitude, which ensures that development results in action and performance.

Hanne Vibe Andreasen

Hanne is a teacher, facilitator and coach at SoulWorks.

She has 20 years of experience as both leader and leadership consultant in Danish and international organizations. She is passionate about sustainable leadership, where respect for people, the environment and society goes hand in hand with business value. Hanne's specialty is to make organizations themselves succeed with large complex transformations in both the public and private sectors.As an advisor and facilitator, Hanne has assisted with transformations within leadership, culture and new business models in Maersk, Vestas, Danske Bank, Lundbeck, the Ministry of the Environment, SKAT, Energinet, Region Zealand and Gentofte Municipality.

Bo Heimann


Bo Heimann, M.A. Leadership and Organizational psychology and B.A. journalism, is Executive Coach, teacher and facilitator at SoulWorks.

He is also trained in psychotherapy and systemic process consultation and is very knowledgeable about Buddhist philosophy and meditation / mindfulness. He has since 2004 worked with the development of leaders, teams and organizations in both Denmark and internationally.

Lisa Ferbing

Chairman of Djøf;. Executive & Leadership Coach and teacher at SoulWorks®.

Lisa has a degree in law supplemented by management training. She is also a certified Executive Coach (Member of ICF). She has experience in Danish and international board services. She works as a Management Consultant and a professional board member.

Lars Haaber

Executive Coach and Facilitator

Lars is highly experienced with 20 years as manager and consultant in the financial industry in Denmark, London and Frankfurt, e.g. as analyst and business developer for Nordea, Jyske Bank, PFA, SEB, Northern Trust and ABN AMRO.

His main focus has been human resource development and the interconnection between business, technology and clients.


Lars is strongly committed to lead and inspire, bringing together different skill sets in an organisation to create synergies and innovation by applying both analytical and intuitive thinking.


In addition, he has functioned as business coach and mentor to a range of business leaders. He is a strong team leader with a unique ability to motivate through his presence and awareness. He has a convincing way of communicating about requirements for future leadership skills.

Henrik Hjort

Executive Coach and Senior Consultant at SoulWorks.

Henrik, who is a licensed psychologist and senior consultant and Executive Coach, has more than 25 years of international experience in organizational and leadership development from more than 15 different countries. Since 1995, Henrik has worked on implementing results from the latest brain research within leadership, collaboration and, not least, personal development in various companies. Henrik has worked as a senior HR partner for several of Novo Nordisk's top executives, as HR director in Australia, as HR director for seven European countries and has been head of Novo Nordisk's global talent and leadership development for ten years.


Henrik has a very strong theoretical and practical understanding of team development and personal development - including leadership development across cultures. He is up-to-date with the latest developments in psychology and neurology and understands how to communicate and use this knowledge in a simple and easy to understand way in a business context.

Henrik Schmidt

Executive Coach and facilitator at SoulWorks.

Henrik is a psychologist with 15 years of experience in leadership development in public and private organizations, including being a leadership development specialist in Novo Nordisk. Henrik has worked extensively in translating brain research into concrete actions - and takes great pride in showing - through concrete exercises and training - that what he claims holds.


Henrik is eager to ensure that development, realisations and models must be scientifically based but easily digestible. Henrik's approach to development is based on the knowledge of mankind Kahneman and Thaler's research has mapped, as well as an understanding of human relationships and meaning-making practices (Deci and Ryan). He teaches leaders, leadership teams and employees the ability to distinguish between what sounds right but does not work and what we know works and enables them to succeed.

Annette Adelhardt

Executive Coach and teacher at SoulWorks®.


Annette has many years of experience as both organizational and senior development consultant in public and private organizations. She is a Master of Communication and Supervision. Annette is also International Certified Co. Active Coach, Certified Organizational, Relationship and Systemic Coach, ICF Certified Professional Coach and has since 2001 worked as Executive Coach in Denmark and abroad.

Annette's focus is the appreciative and solution-focused approach spiced up with a great passion for change management.

Morten Feld

Executive Coach og Senior Consultant at SoulWorks.

Morten has a Master of Psychology degree and more than 22 years of experience in the field of business psychology and he has extensive experience in all levels of organizations. This has provided Morten with a broad perspective when working with people, teams and organizations. Morten demonstrates a natural humility, which means that it is central to him that those he works with - as a teacher or coach - are the experts of their company, department, etc.


Morten has worked with the development of everyone from top executives to team leaders and floor staff, individuals, teams and entire organizations in Ericsson, PWC, Center for Ledelse (Center for Leadership), Novo Nordisk, EMC management and AS3. He has predominantly been engaged in tasks requiring focus on the personal and human aspects of leadership and collaboration development. He has worked with employment satisfaction and stress. Morten gets the feedback that he has great psychological insight and a sound business understanding. Morten's efforts are particularly valued for his personal skills; empathy, calmness and commitment. Morten challenges the person's or team's assumptions on a basis of trust and mutual respect.

Boris Gullev


Executive Coach, strategic communication mentor and teacher at SoulWorks


Boris Gullev has for the past 13 years written 4,500 articles for the newspaber Børsen, including several hundred interviews with top managers from both the C25 companies and managers in all industries. Boris holds a Master's degree in Journalism and History and is originally a trained journalist in Denmark's Radio before he switched to Børsen. He possesses a broad knowledge of social conditions and international currents and has, both at the editorial level and as a writing journalist covered virtually all subject areas and large companies. Including finance and tech world and mega-trends that will change companies and leadership over the next decades. Boris has through his career written unique and personal manager interviews, where trust and the contract between source and journalist have been essential to get a story for peat. In this connection, Boris has cultivated a competence in executive coaching, often based on finding a new narrative for not only the manager, personally, but for the company as a whole, in order to achieve courage and gain momentum in a corporate reality that for all leaders are one big change process.

Annelise Goldstein


Executive Coach and teacher at SoulWorks

Annelise is an organizational psychologist with extensive experience providing strategic guidance to senior management teams. She has worked within HR in global companies for more than 14 years both as a specialist and as a senior leader herself in companies like Novo Nordisk A/S, Nordea A/S. As an HR professional, Annelise has expertise within areas of leadership, talent development and diversity. As a psychologist, she is a skilled executive coach leveraging theoretical insight with personal leadership and organizational experience. Her work is based on creating strong working relationships and taking a point of departure in the human dimension. Annelise is an American based in Denmark.

Lars Juhl


Lars Juhl is Executive Coach, teacher and facilitator at SoulWorks.

He has more than 25 years of experience as an international executive and has lived 9 years abroad in respectively London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Houston. As a 24-year-old, Lars founded the ship brokerage company Scan-Trans in Singapore. Under the leadership of Lars, the company became a shipping company with more than 20 offices on 5 continents and a billion turnover.

Most recently, Lars, as CEO, has led a turnaround process in the Presidents Institute. Lars has extensive experience in multicultural management, growth, M&A, turnaround, crisis management, management development and at Harvard Business School specializes in "Leading Change and Organizational Renewal". People - passion - purpose is the foundation and after a cardiac attack and pacemaker implantation in 2011 it has become a call in life to inspire, motivate and engage the people. Lars works to create balance in all aspects of life. In other words: long-term leadership in a short term.

Glenn Jacobsen


Glenn is Executive Coach and teacher at SoulWorks. 

Glenn has worked as a strategic advisor, business coach, lecturer, lecturer and author for over 20 years. He has also worked as, among other things. product manager and marketing director in various large companies.He is a trained HA, Cand. Merc. in strategy / marketing and HD in management / organization. He has also trained in, among other things. coaching and personality psychology. His work area at SoulWorks is: "strategies, brands & people", where he among other things. works with identity, soul purpose, strategy, management, organization, communication, marketing, sales and branding at both organizational and individual level. At individual level he works, among other things. with personal management, branding and communication, including based on the authentic personal leadership to define, stage and communicate his personal brand in different touch points both internally and externally.

Solveig Hansen Gjerding

Executive Coach at SoulWorks®.

Solveig is a business psychologist, psychotherapist and specialist in Organizational Psychology. She has many years of experience with both coaching, organizational development and leadership education in private and public companies.

Solveig is one of the first professionals in Denmark who worked with and further developed Appreciative Inquiry and the acclaimed approach.

Bent Niebling

Executive Coach and teacher at SoulWorks.

Bent has a solid background as a teacher and leader in eg. The Ministry of Education, the Danish Industry, TEC and the Danish School of Business Education Education. He works with organizational psychological themes, conflict resolution, development talks, organizational and staff development and has completed over 15,000 hours of coaching for senior and middle management and is known as one of the industry's absolute leading figures in organizing companies for collaboration on customer views, quality assurance, ethics and education development. Bent has a five-year degree in Existence Philosophy Coaching and Psychotherapy and has several continuing education within psychology and mindfulness and is authorized in eg. Jung's typology, and MBTI. He is also the author and co-author of a number of textbooks for ia The industry's publishing house as well as the textbook on communication and coaching.

Pernille Jackson

Pernille Jackson is Executive & Leadership Coach at Soulworks.

She has many years of experience from both private and public organizations, where she has contributed to setting ambitious goals for implementing major changes and restructuring. She is a graduate economist from the finance world, HD (O), Certified Systemic Coach & Process facilitator and has a large number of continuing education within leadership, development and communication. Pernille draws on a solid practical and theoretical experience with HR, change management, management and organizational development, performance management and assessment of effective management teams from his positions as HR director, manager and consultant. She is a skilled and experienced executive coach and teaches with more than 13 years of experience. She is able to communicate and accelerate knowledge and change across disciplines and organizational units. She is appreciated for her ability to challenge leader's line of vision and innovation to create awareness and inspired actions in organizations and teams.

Patrick Tang


Executive Coach and teacher at SoulWorks. Patrick is a business psychologist (MSc.)

With 18 years experience as HR Manager, HR Business Partner and HR development consultant at Deloitte, Region Midt, Vestas, B&O and SHL / CEB Gartner. He contributes with perspectives from both private and public, as internal and external consultants as well as nationally and internationally. Patrick's education and experience integrates: management and organizational development, mental work environment and process optimization. He covers a wide range of HR development deliveries, ranging from strategic to operational: leadership development, coaching, organizational and change management, design and facilitation of processes, teaching and psychometric testing. Patrick is a professionally strong HR development specialist who achieves trust at eye level through open curiosity, an analytical approach and humor.

Susanne Ulveman


Executive Coach at SoulWorks.

Susanne holds a cand. psych. aut. specializing in organizational and work psychology. She also has a continuing education as a group analyst and individual therapist (ISTDP) Susanne has a solid experience with leadership development in both the private and public sectors. She works with leadership teams and with executive coaching of the individual leader and leadership team. Typically, it is in areas such as personal development in the professional role, development of high performance teams, handling of change, cooperation and conflict management, stress management etc.

Liselotte Mosbæk

Recognised MSc in Psychology with more than 20 years of experience in developing teams and organisations. Through her work at the faculty, she has spent several years working intensively on, among other things, Otto Scharmer's groundbreaking Theory U, which she is capable of presenting in a clear and useful way so in practice participants enhance their ability to lead innovation and transformation processes.


Henrik Holt Larsen

Professor, dr.merc., Econ. and psych., is one of the leading experts in HRM, human resource management, leadership and management. He has conducted research at CBS and has published more than 30 books and 175 Danish and foreign articles on HRM. Henrik is a developer on the Soul Leader® Certificate Programme and a co-designer of the  Soul Leader® certification.

Tune Hein

Tune Hein is one of Denmark's most experienced advisors in strategic management, digitalization and change. He is educated at DTU, CBS as well as IMD and has 18 years’ experience as a manager, director and entrepreneur. He has worked globally in Accenture and Right Management. He has participated in DR's "Mission Management" and published 10 management books - most recently the best seller Disrupt or Die! and the all-new Fremtidens Ledelse (Leadership of the Future).


Since launching The Learning Organization as well as Handlekraft (Power to act), Tune has been among the top Danish speakers.

Mike Rulis

Drawing on thirty years’ experience as a senior leader within corporate communications and relations, Mike Rulis advises companies and organizations on how to manage challenges and opportunities related to their communication, reputation and relations. Three aspects of leadership that are intrinsically linked and key to the success of any organization.


Prior to becoming an independent advisor, Mike was Senior Vice President and global head of Corporate Affairs in Novo Nordisk, where his responsibilities included communication and branding, corporate sustainability and public affairs. 

Anne Skaare Nielsen

Futurist, author and partner at Future Navigator. She has a degree in Biology and Political Science. She works to bring organisations from idea to success and travels around the world as a lecturer and provocateur. She sits on numerous boards and advisory boards. She has previously been a member of the Ethics Council and Ministerial ICT Forum.


Jens Moberg

Partner and owner of Leadership Institute Denmark. He has previously worked as VP of Microsoft and CEO of Better Place Denmark, and for several years he has managed to make significant inroads into Danish industry. He is known for his visionary ideas on and personal approach to leadership ministry. The title of his latest book is 'Timely care'. He currently sits on the board of among others Grundfos A/S and PostNord AB.

Kim Gørtz

Chief consultant & external lecturer at CBS – Copenhagen Business School.

Kim education is from the University of Copenhagen with philosophy as a major focus. He has taught classes and supervised at CBS, RUC and SDU and made a business PhD project on coaching, leadership and engagement. Kim is the author of several books and articles on business coaching, values ​​and philosophy.

Christian Have

Creative director at Have Communications which he founded in 1983. He is also the owner of his own consulting firm, working as counselor offering advice to individuals especially in the creative and cultural worlds. Christian Have is an occupied speaker and active participant in public debates. He has also written several books on communication, audience behavior and culture.

Hanne Lindblad

Executive and Leadership Coach, Inspirator and teacher at SoulWorks.

Hanne is one of today's visionary leaders who actually have outlived the new leadership paradigm. The last 5 years she has served as CEO of the mobile company Call me, which is one of Denmark's best examples of a modern purpose-driven company with their normative campaign ”Speak properly” which has been acknowledged and admired in Denmark and abroad.

During her job as the CEO, she has worked as a lecturer, motivator and thoughtleader within Conscious capitalism, purpose-driven leadership and trust as a growth driver. She was trained Cand.negot and has since taken the IAA, trained to be a Coach and taken to the Blue Ocean Institute at Insead

Genpo Roshi (Big Mind)

Zenmaster Hawaii, Genpo has studied and practiced Buddhism since 1972. He is the founder and former abbot of Kanzeon Zen Center and has developed the Big Mind process combining Buddhist insights with Western psychoanalytic ideas. He has organised Big Mind retreats and events nationally and internationally. He is the author of several books on Buddhism and Big Mind Process.


With our many years of experience, we know that actual change and value creation are results of insights and inspiration coming from inside. Using Soul Leadership® as a tool to deliver markedly improved results, we provide leadership solutions to many managements and management teams. Contact us to learn how based on collaboration we can help enhance your leadership skills, increase your consciousness and consequently your ability to produce results.


What to expect from us:

  • We are interested rather than interesting. In other words, our focus is on you and your inherent potential.
  • We add to your existing workable system and help you reinforce it so that non-workable elements will dissolve as your inherent potential is realized.
  • We are also aware that the thinking having fostered the challenges of today cannot help us overcome those challenges. Today, it is required that we take a quantum leap towards raising the consciousness levels of leaders. Purpose-driven leadership, authenticity and soulful presence have become crucial factors;
  • We carefully identify your very best qualities and the higher meaning of your life as human beings, leaders and organisations

At the same time, we are sufficiently clever to identify what is needed, and we are also courageous enough to tell you – not as a truth, but rather as an invitation to go to new consciousness levels and new paths.

We are not completely committed to only one way of developing leaders and organisations, nor do we believe successful leadership is a result of different forms of acquired leadership styles. We believe successful leadership is a result of leaders becoming conscious of their identities as authentic, reliable, clear-sighted, courageous leaders who are true to their leadership purpose. This means your organization will follow you as leaders, leading to significantly improved results.